Thursday, August 23, 2012

Readings..and the time and effort that goes into them..

Hello friends and visitors alike!
Just recently it has come to my attention that whilst most spiritual people are fully aware of the time and effort that goes into giving a reading, many have no idea, so I felt I would like to blog something to address that issue.

 Some people who have never done a reading and have little understanding of how this is accomplished often think that the reader can give them a reading "at the drop of a hat" so to speak. The following may give those that don't know, just a glimpse of the hard work that is involved and hopefully will generate a little more respect and consideration for the reader in the future.

As a result of seeing a friend of mine receive constant pleas for a freebie and remembering a time, when I myself, would try to do free readings for anyone and everyone who asked me, I wrote the following;

"Whilst I do occasionally do Free readings from time to time, in order to give something back, I no longer make a habit out of it.

Due to the amount of effort and energy involved..most people who are after a freebie do not understand the amount of work that goes into. Not only the reading, but maintaining my own spiritual health and well-being in order to do the work that I do,most readings take between 2-3 hours if you include;

1.Getting myself relaxed and in the right frame of mind to be able to do the reading to the best of my ability.

2.Preparing the room and making it so that I am comfortable and relaxed in it

3.Doing the actual reading which can take from a couple of hours to all day long{on and off}if it is an in depth reading.

4.Typing it out and then altering any spelling mistakes, trying then to present the reading in an attractive, easy to read way.

5.Continuing ongoing support for the Client, in terms of answering any questions they may have pertaining to the reading.

As you can see, it is not as simple as most people would believe and although I did offer free readings on a regular basis, I soon found I was totally burnt out with nothing to offer anyone.

I do not do this kind of work for the money, the money is just a fair energy exchange in my opinion.
This way both myself and the client receive something.

I have done too many free readings, out of the goodness of my heart and sometimes did not even receive a Thankyou.

If I do a Free Reading for someone these days, it is because my Angels and Spirit Helpers guide me to that person, so bearing that in mind please do not ask for Freebies, there are plenty of readers on forums such as these and also on Facebook that do free readings if that is what you are after.

I do offer readings for a reasonable and what I believe to be a fair price from my website Angelic Reflections.

Please contact me at the links below if you are interested,"

Ashanti Rose

Angelic-Reflections website of Angel Guidance Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher and Colour Therapist
Ashanti Rose

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hello and a warm Welcome to my Angelically Inspired Blog!!

My name is Ashanti Rose
I am an Angel Guidance Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher and Colour Therapist, currently living in beautiful Ireland with my partner Tom, although I am from England originally.

I first became interested in Spiritualism at age 16, after reading one of Doris Stokes books, although I got side-tracked by conventional religion for many years, and it is only in the last 13 years that I have found my way back on the path I believe was destined for me in this lifetime.

Psychic and Intuitive ability is something I believe we ALL have, we're all born with a sixth sense and I believe these are abilities that we all have to varying degrees, but it can be developed by anyone that is willing to put in the work, and anyone that has a genuine desire to connect to the spirit world of Guides and Angels.

My main reason for putting together this blog is mostly the love I have for the angels, I love the connection to the angelic and spiritual realms, and I wanted to be able to share with others how easy it is ,how simple, and that you do not need to be qualified or to have taken a course, unless you want to for yourself, but that it is most definitely not a requirement for connecting with the angels.

I also, like many others, have been through times in my life when things were challenging to say the least, and during those times the angels have given me many insights and inspirations that I wanted to share here, in the hope of helping others through any challenging times they may be experiencing.

I genuinely love to help people to help themselves, and if I can help one person realize that WE are our own best guides, that the answers we seek from spiritual teachers or other "experts" are actually within ourselves then I will be very happy indeed, as this is a lesson that it took me many years to learn!

Love Ashanti x